Updates to your client's session costs

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Headway works closely with your clients' insurance plans to determine the correct session costs and process claims for sessions. Over time, we've found some inaccuracies in systems, portals, and ways information is shared between insurance companies and Headway. This means that costs per session may have been incorrectly calculated - getting an accurate price is a major challenge that insurers and Headway are continuously working to fix. 


Why did my client's session cost change? 

Cost per session is determined by the behavioral health benefits in your client's insurance plan. Their cost may change during their plan based on their deductible or out-of-pocket accumulation, which they can keep track of on the detailed benefits page.

In some situations, the information we receive from their insurance company may change, which could impact their session costs. This is because the details we get from their insurance are not always 100% precise, and there can be a great deal of back and forth for Headway to identify errors. We stay on top of this and continually seek the most accurate information to make sure clients are charged correctly in accordance with their benefits, and that their costs align with their plan and claims.

While we can’t control the information that insurance companies store and share, we are committed to continuing to improve these processes and get this right. For this reason, you may hear from us that your client's session cost has changed. 

I'm not sure if my client's session cost changed. How would we know? 

If a client's session cost changes for any reason, they will see this displayed on their detailed benefits page.

Typically, their session cost could change for one of the following reasons:

  • They started a new plan, and their benefits changed, resulting in a change in their cost per session
  • They met their deductible for the year 
  • They met their out-of-pocket maximum for the year
  • Their plan reset for the year, and they need to meet their deductible and/or out-of-pocket maximum before their insurance will cover any portion of their fees.

If any given client's session cost changes as a result of Headway correcting previously incorrect benefit information, you and your client will receive an email from us with additional details. 


My client received an email from Headway asking them to resolve their outstanding balance. How do they do that?

Within the email your client received, there should be a button that says "pay now". Clicking this button will take them to their past appointments page. From there, they can click the "pay now" button to resolve their outstanding balance with us. 

If they received an email, but don't see the option to pay their balance, please contact us


My client received an email from Headway saying that they'd be refunded. How do we know if that has happened yet? 

Your client will receive a confirmation email as soon as their refund(s) are processed, which will include session information and refund amount. Their refund will be reflected on their statement within 3-5 business days. 

If they received an email, but did not receive a refund after 5 business days of receipt, please contact us

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