Cancellations and rescheduling for providers

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This article contains information that is helpful for Headway providers. If you are a client and have questions about this topic, check out our article "Cancellations and rescheduling for clients."



How do I reschedule an appointment?

From your calendar page, click the session you need to reschedule.

The option to reschedule or cancel will appear in the details when you click the appointment. Click reschedule and enter the new details in that same window.


How do I cancel an appointment?

From your calendar page, click the session you need to cancel.

The option to reschedule or cancel will appear in the details when you click the appointment. Click cancel and select the reason for cancellation and confirm the client fee (if any).

  Cancellation fees are paid in full to you, not to Headway. The payment will appear in your regularly scheduled paycheck. Check out our article on getting paid for more information on how and when this happens.

You can hide cancelled session from your calendar by using the filter at the top of the page (see below).


We receive a high number of inquiries from clients pertaining to cancellation fees. If you are cancelling a session on their behalf due to a conflict / reschedule, and have agreed to waive the fee, be sure to update the amount charged prior to cancelling.


How do I manage my cancellation policy?

If your client cancels a session, they'll be billed based on the policy you set. You can choose our default policy or customize a flexible policy.

  This fee will only apply when the cancellation was initiated by the client. If you're doing this on their behalf, you'll be able to indicate this in your calendar.

You can edit your policy within Settings in your Billing tab. You can select the amount for your standard fee and then choose a 24-hour or 48-hour cancellation window.

For any cancellations that you process on Headway, we'll automatically populate your cancellation fee if it applies. You can then edit that fee if you'd like to waive the fee (set it to $0), or adjust it up or down as needed.


How do I edit or waive a cancellation fee?

You can edit the dollar amount or cancel out cancellation fees anytime before your next payment goes through (15th and last day of the month). We'll always show you how many days are left to edit in your calendar, and we'll take care of charging or refunding your client any difference.

Here's step-by-step instructions on how:

  1. On your calendar, the cancelled session you want to edit.
  2. Click "Modify cancellation details".
  3. Make any necessary changes to the cancellation reason or amount (to waive the fee, change to $0).
  4. Click "Modify" to save.


I cancelled my client's session in my calendar, but didn't see the option to charge a fee. How can I charge my fee once it's been cancelled? 

When cancelling an appointment, you'll be prompted to select a cancellation reason. In order to trigger a cancellation fee, you’ll have to select either “client did not show” or “client canceled session” from the drop down. If you select any other option, you will not be able to charge a fee to your client. 

In the event that you've already cancelled the session and did not add a cancellation fee, but would like to, see the below instructions on how to charge your fee:

  1. Add the session to your calendar again. 
  2. Click into the session & select "cancel session".
  3. Select either “client did not show” or “client canceled session” as the cancellation reason from the drop down menu. 
  4. Enter the cancellation fee under "How much should we bill the client?". 
  5. Click the black "cancel session" button. 

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