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This article contains information that is helpful for Headway providers. If you are a client and have questions, check out our support articles for clients!



How does Headway support clients?

Our team is here to make sure your client's transition to Headway is effortless and smooth. Here’s how we offer support:

We handle all insurance calls and claim processing for your clients. Before a session, we’ll make sure they understand their benefits and costs, and will keep them updated if there’s ever a change in coverage.
Billing and payment
We handle all insurance calls and claim processing for your clients. Before a session, we’ll make sure they understand their benefits and costs, and will keep them updated if there’s ever a change in coverage.
Clients will receive invoices via email after each session, and can reference and download them directly from their Headway account anytime.
Finding multidisciplinary services with ease
Our client service team is here to help with navigating our vast network of in-network providers (both prescribers and talk therapists) to find the right fit and book.


How should I explain Headway to my clients?

Here's the rundown of what clients can expect with Headway:

  • We'll send an email invite to help clients get their insurance and payment info entered and acknowledge our standard forms (see form 1, form 2).
  • Ahead of each session, clients will receive appointment reminders with date, time, and estimated cost.
  • Sessions will be charged to the payment method on file afterward and receive an invoice via email.

What is Headway:

"I use Headway to manage my billing and admin work so I can place all of my focus on our work together. Headway manages everything related to payments and insurance to make things as easy as possible for you."

What to expect:

"The Headway team will reach out via email to help you set up your account and add your insurance and payment details. You’ll see your cost/session ahead of time and can check your benefits any time here."

How to contact the Headway team:

"You can reach the Headway team directly through their contact form. They can help with any insurance, billing, or account questions."

Here's a preview of the welcome email to clients. If you've already collected any of the information, those sections will show as complete:


How does Headway communicate with my clients?

Below are all of the ways we communicate with your clients. You can view each of the emails here.

  • We’ll send a welcome email introducing ourselves when you add a new client and let us know to notify them.
  • We’ll reach out if their insurance or payment info is missing or needs an update, with clear instructions and links to edit ahead of their sessions.
  • We’ll send reminders ahead of each session, including estimated price and cancellation policies.
  • We’ll send invoices after each session (they can also download these later from their account!).


How do I message my client?

You can message your client directly via the messages tab in your Sigmund settings. Please note that Headway's messaging platform is fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. 


What will clients see in their Headway account?

Simplified explanations of their insurance!

User-friendly agreements and accessible forms:

Upcoming appointments and estimated cost:

Appointment history and invoices:


What forms do clients sign to work with me through Headway?

To see a provider through Headway, a client must agree to the following forms:

  1. Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Assignment of Benefits / Financial Responsibility

Your client will be able to read and agree to the forms while logged into their Headway account at this link. This is also where they'll manage insurance and billing details.


My client is missing information—how should I follow up?

We’ll reach out to any clients missing information, but find clients are more inclined to take care of this when their provider asks directly. We've included a sample email template below that you can copy, paste, and customize.

  Email Template

Hi [client name],

I hope all is well with you! I wanted to reach out to follow up on the change in billing services with my practice. 

As you know, I’ve  switched over to a new billing system, Headway, to manage my billing and admin work. Headway manages everything related to payments and insurance.

They’ve sent you an email directly, prompting you to create an account and provide your insurance and payment information for your copay or deductible. Using Headway will not change your current copay or deductible—it just makes the billing process easier!

To verify your information and finish getting set up with them, please create and complete your account. 

If you have any questions, you can respond to this email or reach Headway's team via their contact form.


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