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This article contains information that is helpful for Headway clients. If you are a provider and have questions, check out our support articles for providers!



What will my appointment cost?

No need to become an insurance expert! That's our job. Once you add your insurance information to your account, we’ll find your mental health benefit and show you a price estimate before you book.

If you don’t have your insurance details handy, we'll be able to get that for you as soon as you add them. Once you book a session, you can see the anticipated cost here.


If you have a copay, your price per appointment will be your copay regardless of services received.

If you have a deductible/coinsurance plan, your price per appointment may change based on the length and type of services received. The way sessions are billed are based on how your provider inputs session details to then be sent to the insurance company. They use different numeric codes which specify what type of treatment is being administered, called CPT codes. The fees associated with the CPT codes for medication management may be higher than the estimate price listed in your portal.

If you believe that your charge was a mistake, we would first advise that you contact your therapist directly. You can also contact us for clarity as well!


When will I be charged for my sessions?

We’ll collect payment at the time of service specifically as soon as your therapist confirms the session took place. Please note that we won't ever charge you until after the session takes place!

We’re contracted with insurance to be responsible for all claims and payments—this relationship is also how we know exactly what you owe at the time of service. This is part of how we're able to help so many providers accept insurance and make sure they're paid.

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