Client fees and responsibility

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How Headway calculates your benefits

Once you add your insurance information to your account, we’ll find your mental health benefits and show you a price estimate before you book.

If you don’t have your insurance details handy, we'll be able to get that for you as soon as you add them. You will receive an estimated cost per session, based on average session length and type, at the time of booking.

You can also view your estimated cost within your Upcoming Appointments.

Learn more about how insurance works

Medication management sessions may cost more than our estimate

The fees associated with the CPT codes for medication management may be higher than the estimate price listed in your portal. If you are seeking medication management, your provider will bill the appropriate CPT code(s) at the completion of your session, and it is best to speak with them directly at the time of the session if you have questions or concerns.  


When Headway charges for sessions

We’ll collect payment as soon as your provider confirms your session details. Please note that we won't ever charge you until after the session takes place!

We’re contracted with insurance to be responsible for all claims and payments—this relationship also helps us estimate what you owe at the time of service. 

 Need to update your payment method? See here for more information.


Downloading invoices and/or superbills 

To download individual invoices for each of your appointments:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to your Past Appointments page
  3. Click "Download Invoice" next to the session in question


To download a full month's invoices in one file:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to your Past Appointments page
  3. Click "Download Superbill" next to the month you'd like it for

Our invoices include all of the necessary information if you need it for your health reimbursement.


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