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When and how will I receive my 1099 from Headway?

Our payment partner, Stripe, will begin mailing 1099 forms to your address on file once they've been processed. You will likely receive yours via mail in late February-early March.

If you'd prefer to receive an electronic copy of your 1099, please send your request via our contact form and we'll send over a copy.


Why did I get a 1099 from "New York Medical Behavioral Services"?

Don't worry–this is Headway! When you get your 1099, the company will appear as "New York Medical Behavioral Health Services, PC".


Can I edit the information already on file for my tax filings?

If you would like to change your address, TIN (Tax Identification Number), and/or the name in which the 1099 is going to be filed, you can do so in Sigmund. Here's now:

  1. In Sigmund, click Settings and then Billing.

  2. Under "Billing Account," click the "Change account type" button. Our payment processor will take you through each step to update your information on file with us.

  Please note that changes must have been made by Sunday, January 30th in order to take effect. If changes are needed after that date, follow the directions below under "How do I amend a 1099 once it's been filed?"


How do I amend a 1099 once it's been filed?

If you would like to amend a 1099 that has already been filed, please contact us via our contact form with a list of the changes that need to be made. From there, we'll amend and re-file your 1099, which will then void the previously filed 1099. Once the 1099 has been re-filed, we can email you a PDF of the updated 1099.

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