Seeing clients with secondary insurance

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This article contains information that is helpful for Headway providers. If you are a client and have questions about secondary insurance, check out our article for clients "Coordination of benefits".



Can my client use secondary insurance coverage on Headway?

At this time, Headway is not able to submit claims to secondary insurances, as our systems are not currently configured to support them. Clients must enter only their primary insurance information for verification.


My client wants to use secondary insurance coverage—is there any way that I can still see them through Headway?

Clients being seen through Headway must enter their primary insurance information. From there, clients are welcome to submit to their secondary insurance for reimbursement off of the Headway platform. Clients will receive invoices via email after each session, and can reference and download them directly from their Headway account anytime.


How will I know if my client’s plan is secondary?

With the way our system currently works, we rely on insurance portals to pull client benefit information; our system will automatically set a client’s insurance to “inactive” if there is a secondary flag on the client’s coverage. Clients with “inactive” coverage will not be cleared for scheduling and you will not be able to confirm the session details until their active primary coverage has been entered.

If you or your client believe that the policy flagged as secondary is actually primary, clients can reach out to their insurance company (there’s usually a direct phone number on the back of your insurance card) to further inquire about this. They can say “My provider let me know there’s an issue with my coordination of benefits—could you let me know which of my plans is primary?” Headway cannot reach out on their behalf.

Once they have confirmed that their coordination of benefits has been updated on the insurance carrier’s end, let us know via our contact form.


If my client is having coordination of benefits issues, how can I resolve them?

Clients have to re-certify their coordination of benefits (COB) yearly and are the only ones who can do this; providers cannot do this on behalf of a client.

The most direct way for clients to update or confirm their COB is to call the insurance number on the back of the insurance ID card.


My client's account is paused! How can I fix this so they can continue sessions with me on Headway?

If their account has been paused, it is because their insurance plan has let us know that there’s an issue with their coordination of benefits. This update is something that only the client can do, and there is no action required on your end. 

They received an email from us with clear instructions (who to call and what to say) of how to resolve this, and they must follow those steps in order to have their account unpaused and be able to continue sessions on Headway. 

If they do not complete this, their Headway account will be paused until they can make this update.

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