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This article contains information that is helpful for Headway providers. If you are a client and have questions, check out our support articles for clients!



How do I get my group practice started on Headway?

The first step is to identify an administrator for the group account. That can be the group owner, sole practitioner, or may include additional admins. Each admin will first need to create a Headway client account (note that all admin requests must be approved by the group owner / provider, and cannot be added without their consent). To get started:

  1. Confirm the email address to be used for the admin account
  2. If email address is not yet tied to a Headway account, then:
    • Create a client account by going to the Headway website.
    • Don't fill out the fields asking for your insurance, payment, and provider search criteria.
    • Then verify your account and email address.
  3. Notify us via our contact form of the following:
    • Group name - If you do not have a formal group practice name, we can use the group owner’s first and last name, as this is for administrative purposes only.
    • Group admins - Please include the full name and email address for all assigned admins.
    • Any existing providers in the group (non-admins) - Be sure to specify if the providers being added are new to Headway, or are already set up. If not already setup, please specify their name(s), unique email address(es) and license type(s).

You may add as many admins to your group practice as you would like. Each admin must follow the same account creation flow, referenced above.


Will everyone in the group have full access?

When we create a group practice on our end, we create a group name in our system and assign users to a group as either providers, admins or both.

For a provider in the group without admin access, they will have access to:

  • Calendars with full scheduling access and ability to confirm session details (though sometimes group admins will handle this—it's up to you!)
  • Client list with the ability to add clients
  • Messaging portal
  • Insurance status tab
  • Profile settings (including photo, name, specializations, languages, highlights, bio, education, demographics)
  • Address settings and ability to add a practice location)
  • Individual provider intake form

Users with admin access will have access to:

    • Payments tab, including payment date, amount, and the client it is for
    • Ability to choose between being shown in search versus hidden in search
    • Intake session length settings
    • Client age range settings
    • Booking preferences (e.g. defaulting to phone consults or appointments by specialization)
    • Billing settings (e.g. cancellation policy, bank account, and ID verification)
    • Account settings (e.g. contact email and phone number)
    • Rates


How do group practice payments work?

Group practices do require a bit more administrative lift, as you would have to have to set up the identity and billing info for each additional clinician that is added to the group.

Generally group practices will always have payments funneled into the group owner’s bank account—we leave the smaller details of what you would pay them up to you.

The information that is entered for any and all clinicians should be identical to the details that you added when you initially set up your account, this way all 1099's are processed under your name and tax info—you'll be able to aggregate these 1099's come tax season.

Just like with individual accounts, group practices get paid as follows:

      • Sessions confirmed on the 1st - 15th of the month would be paid to you on the last day of that month.
      • Sessions confirmed on the 16th - last day of the month would be paid to you on the 15th of the next month.

It's important to note that sometimes the actual payment takes an extra day or two to get to you just due to bank processing or holidays.


How do I add new providers to my group practice?

At this time, we require that all requests to add new clinicians to a group practice come directly from a group’s owner. Group owners can reach out to us via our contact form with the following information, and we will be happy to assist them. 

  1. New clinician full name
  2. New clinician license type
  3. New clinician email address


How do I remove a provider from my group practice?

When a provider is leaving a group practice on Headway, our team can support you with that process. The group's admin, not the individual provider, will need to be the one to contact us directly. Please reach out after your group has received its last payout from sessions conducted by this provider to confirm the following:

  • Reason provider is leaving group practice
  • All of the provider's sessions have been confirmed
  • All of the provider's payouts have been received

Once that confirmation has been provided, our team will begin the process! 


How do I transfer clients between clinicians within a group practice?

To transfer a client to another provider, you will first need to archive that client from their initial provider’s client roster. From there, you can navigate to the new provider’s client roster and select “Add Client." Once you populate this client’s email address into the dialogue box, our system will automatically recognize that they have an account and they will be added to the new provider’s client list! 


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